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ImPACT Evaluation

ImPACT (Immediate Post-concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is a computerized exam that tests the brain’s cognitive abilities such as memory, reaction time, processing speeds and concentration.

placeholderImPACT has seen widespread use in various sports at all levels including the NHL and NFL, where testing is now mandated by the leagues.   It is considered the "Gold Standard" test for helping to mange concussions and determine safe return to play.

The test should be done by an ImPACT trained administrator in a quiet room. It requires about 25 minutes, and is completely non invasive.  Because every athlete is unique, it is best to do a pre-injury evaluation to serve as a personal baseline should the athlete suffer an unsuspected concussion.  In event of an injury additional tests can then be compared to the baseline to monitor recovery and help guide decisions regarding return to sport.

KOPI has been a credentialed ImPACT testing facility since 2011 and offers both baseline evaluations as well as post injury evaluations for athletes with suspected concussions in conjunction with our concussion clinic.  Testing can be done at KOPI for a cost of $15.00. 

KOPI highly recommends ImPACT evaluations take place on site.  Online versions are not considered to be valid tests, and this practice is strongly discouraged by ImPACT.  

Under extenuating circumstances, should an athlete be unable to attend a clinic appointment we can facilitate off site testing at a cost of $25.00