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Clinics 613-507-7246

Physio 613-549-4410



Initial Consultation

Your first appointment at KOPI Pain clinic will last approximately 1.5-2 hours.  You will check in with your valid health card at reception, confirm your personal information with us, and then our registered nurse will meet with you.  

She will go over the Intake Questionnaire you had previously completed, and then she will take a history of your pain.  Once she has completed her assessment, your pain doctor will meet with you to discuss treatment options.

placeholderWhen you and your pain doctor have decided on the best treatment option, you can keep in contact with your doctor through their assistant.  

Each pain doctor has an assistant who will tend to their scheduling and all other patient requests during appointments and over the phone.

During clinic hours, each assistant will work directly with their doctor, so we appreciate that if you need some assistance, we ask that you please leave them a voicemail and they will return your call by the end of the day.

If you need an appointment, just call the pain clinic number 613-507-PAIN(7246) and dial your assistant's extention number.  These numbers can be found on The Team page beside the assistant's name and picture. 

Welcome to KOPI!