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As a spin-off of urological lithotripsy, shockwave therapy is showing unprecedented success with common musculoskeletal conditions. Typically known for its success with plantar fasciitis, it is demonstrating similar results with calcific tendonitis, lateral epicondylitis, mal-union or stress fractures, and trigger points. This safe, non-invasive treatment takes little time to perform and has minimal side effects.

Success Rates

• 91% improved for Calcific Tendinitis

• 77% improvement for Tennis Elbow

• 90% improvement for Plantar Fasciitis


Shock waves stimulate neovascularization and generate cavitations that break down calcific deposits. The use of shockwave therapy bridges the gap between non-operative and operative treatments. With this technology, we can eliminate such post-operative complications as nerve damage, tendon ruptures, and permanent scarring without the extended recovery periods.

Treatments are typically performed one week apart for 3-5 visits, although improvements in pain and function are often reported after the first session. Shockwave therapy is not covered under OHIP, but most extended health plans will cover at least a portion of the cost.