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Concussion Therapy

Concussions are a unique type of injury that require a unique type of recovery. A lot of athletes are used to pushing through injuries. This is where seeing a psychologist can come into play as many athletes do not want to admit to feeling down or struggling emotionally. However, in order to effectively heal the body, the mind and emotions also need to be managed.

How can a psychologist help with concussions?

Research has shown that working with a psychologist can help in reducing prolonged recovery.

Some of the ways a psychologist can help include:

  • Helping athletes develop strategies to shut down to allow healing from the concussion to take place
  • To facilitate the emotional recovery as athletes often put high expectations on themselves, feel a lot of pressure to return to sport and without having the appropriate coping strategies to manage these emotions, they could potentially return to play too soon, which could potentially prolong their recovery.

A multidisciplinary approach, including working with a psychologist may be the best approach for you!

Please contact our psychologist, Dr. Hannah Marchand, for more information at 613-344-1202 ext 115 or