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Dr. Gregory Murphy - Medical Director






Dr. Jeff Yach









Tammy MacDonald - General Manager

Tammy got her start in the medical field in 2002 where she worked in family medicine and managed a busy walk in clinic in Brockville.  She joined the KOPI team in Jan 2009 as clinic manager. Tammy oversees all aspects of the clinic. While working with her team she continually trys to discover innovative ideas to help the business grow.  Tammy believes an engaged positive team that works hard and has fun can accomplish anything!


Heather Robinson - Human Resources

Heather is responsible for our HR and employee relations and training.  Heather started with the clinic in 2008 and is a vital part of our team.  












Pain Clinic



Kerry - Assistant for Dr. Smith


Jessica - Assistant for Dr. Grant and Dr. Cupido





Angie - Assistant for Dr. Carpenter




Miranda - Assistant for Dr. Quigg and Dr. Kalyniuk


Sydney - Assistant for Dr. Murphy




Erin - Assistant for Dr. Cain and Dr. Shyam


Karen - Assistant for Dr. Zamora

Jessica - Assistant for Dr. Kahn and Dr. Kalyniuk


X-Ray Technologists


Stephanie Bozek - Charge Technologist

Darlene Smith

Sarah Stoness

Taylor Smith

Scott Gusdal


Consult Facilitators

Sarah RN -  Will be the first person you will see when you come the pain clinic.  She will take your medical history and assist the physician with your initial assessment.

Alexandra & Courtney - Consult facilitators that will assist our pain clinic physicians with your first visit.


Irene - You will see Irene when you come for Orthopaedic clinics.  She cares for the patients of Doctor Yach and Doctor Bardana in Orthopaedic Clinics held at KOPI.





Dr. Dave Smith




Dr. Joe Quigg




Dr. Jenn Carpenter




Dr. Brian Grant




Dr. Tracy Cupido




Dr. Michael O'Connor




Dr. John Cain

Dr. Jorge Zamora

Dr. Alanna Kalyniuk

Dr. Vidur Shyam

Dr. Michael Kahn

Hazel Ramirez, NP



Dr. Hannah Marchand



Assistant for Orthopaedics/Concussion/Sports Medicine/Dietitian


Suzie - Assistant for all Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine and Concussion Clinics, and Dietitian






Ryan Stallard, RD



Rehab-Physio, Massage, and Chiropractic Providers

Jonathan - Physiotherapist and Owner of KOPI Rehabilitation


Brittany - Physiotherapist

Dominique - Physiotherapist

Chloe - Physiotherapist


Terri - Physiotherapy Assistant


Massage Therapists


Brooke - Massage Therapist



Dr. Matt Murphy - Chiropractor