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Ryan Stallard, RD is a registered dietitian with an Obesity Specialist Certification through the World Obesity Federation.  He has worked in both surgical and medical bariatric care programs.

He worked under one of Canada's physician experts in behavioural weight management and his clinical research has been presented at international obesity conferences.  He believes weight management is not 'one-size-fits-all' and is passionate about helping people find their Best Weight.


Feed Forward Best Weight Program

Feed forward is a 24-week program that aims to change critical eating behaviours, build in healthy lifestyle habits, and introduce sustainable eating patterns to help patients reach their Best Weight.

The Program

Active Change Phase

  • 12 weekly clinic visits
  • 2 packages of Optifast 900, per day
  • Limited selection menu
  • Daily Dietary Inhibition Training
  • Online Support

Change Maintenance Phase

  • 3 monthly clniic visits
  • Weekly Dietary Inhibition Training
  • Online Support
  • Personal Food System Tool

Free Initial Consultations, and the program can be modified and tailored to patient needs.


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