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-service-license-key-free-activation-xbox-360-ps3-httpwwwmamalibrecompqduhbrwihrjnxy3f I'm not interested in further discussion with you and if you don't leave this channel - I won't respond idk what i'm doing, not complaining, i'm just saying hey i am currently using this bash script i found online to lock my user out of certain commands would there be any good reasons to use a gui as opposed to this adznt: maybe reccomended on servermode or such? if you wanted to lock people out from doing things, why not set up keys and use those lotuspsychje: it's not a server so what are you trying to lock out use wine to run a cracked copy of the game ahhh, so basiclly you're trying to block illegal stuff? like anything outside of a game wine is a lot less stable than it used to be, but you can still lock it down and most games will work fine so again - why do you want to lock people out i don't want to lock out anything, i just want to block certain commands, it's the same thing as keys what commands wine --version cede -de a ps aux why not just set keys on these i dunno i want to see what happens why? i like to test stuff so learn the commands i want to see what happens when i run these commands you



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Goalunited Hack V3.40 Update

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