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Physiotherapy & Movement

placeholderAs physiotherapists, our primary concern is to get you moving.  After an injury or disease, it can be painful and scary to start exercising again. 

Complete rest is rarely prescribed.  Our bodies crave movement.  At KOPI, we often educate patients on hurt versus harm.  Avoiding motion because it hurts can lead to further deconditioning and further complicate your pain condition. 

Starting an exercise program can lead to soreness, but if you never push yourself into some discomfort you won’t make the necessary changes to your muscles that will improve things like strength, endurance, and balance.  Ignoring the pain isn’t the answer either.  

Our therapists work closely with the specialists and you, to develop a plan with just the right challenges and intensity.  We work together, monitoring your pain and progress, so that you can get your life your back, without harming yourself in the process.